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Meet With Me

Easily schedule a meeting with me for an online meeting.

The scheduling tool blocks the scheduled on-campus office hours as not available, so just drop in during the scheduled times. See the contact page for day/time of scheduled office hours. The tool used here is a third-party and here is the privacy policy for that website.

Drop-in Office Hours

Tuesday 4:00 – 5:30 PM – Online Citrix Webex
All other days Online – Citrix Webex by appt.

Schedule online office appointments on the meet-with-me page or using the calendar below.


New Fascinating Resource

UX Pin, just released a new tool called, Adele. It lists websites in a grid-like format that allows the list to be filtered and sorted. It shows the type of design system that was used along with any pattern libraries that were used. It was named for Adele Goldberg...

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Extend Sublime Text for WebDev

The writers at Speckyboy have compiled a list of ST3 add-ons that make it a powerful WebDev tool. I went to install of them and found I had most of them already ;-/  This is a great list to get started using ST for WebDev for sure....

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How to Email Your Professor

https://blog.sanebox.com/2017/03/22/how-to-email-a-professor-about-your-academic-studies/ From the makers of SaneBox, email management service. It's a great post on when to email your professors and how. The 'Quick Hints' at the bottom are quite notable: Always send...

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