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Office Hours

Mo Online – Adobe Connect or by appt.
Tu  4:30 – 6PM – Campus Office (drop-in)
We Online – Adobe Connect or by appt.
Th 4:30 – 6PM – Campus Office (drop-in)
Fr  Online  – Adobe Connect or by appt.
Sa  Online/D2L Mail
Su  D2L Mail

Make An Appointment

Make an on-campus or on-line appointment, if the times on the left, don’t work for your schedule.

Extend Sublime Text for WebDev

The writers at Speckyboy have compiled a list of ST3 add-ons that make it a powerful WebDev tool. I went to install of them and found I had most of them already ;-/  This is a great list to get started using ST for WebDev for sure....

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How to Email Your Professor

https://blog.sanebox.com/2017/03/22/how-to-email-a-professor-about-your-academic-studies/ From the makers of SaneBox, email management service. It's a great post on when to email your professors and how. The 'Quick Hints' at the bottom are quite notable: Always send...

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Using Adobe Connect

As long as I have been teaching, I have used "Virtual Office Hours". These hours include using software to chat with students. While the software has changed, it still is a great method to get in touch with me in real time. I now make use of Adobe Connect for the...

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