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How to Email Your Professor

[How to Email a Professor About Your Academic Studies](https://blog.sanebox.com/2017/03/22/how-to-email-a-professor-about-your-academic-studies/)From the makers of [SaneBox](https://sanebox.com/t/2zi6n), email management service. It’s a great post on when to email your professors and how. The ‘Quick Hints’ at the bottom are quite notable: - Always send email from your academic email account, not your personal one. Professors may have filters in place to prioritize email coming from other academic accounts. - Don’t ask about grades in an email– FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) rules often mean that professors aren’t able to share confidential, personal information about students (like grades) via email. - Don’t make excuses or demands—people hate that! Remember to keep your email in an even tone, polite, and courteous. - Sign off your email by thanking them for their time. - Once you have a reply from your professor, shoot them a quick email back to thank them.