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New Fascinating Resource

UX Pin, just released a new tool called, Adele. It lists websites in a grid-like format that allows the list to be filtered and sorted. It shows the type of design system that was used along with any pattern libraries that were used. It was named for Adele Goldberg who worked at XEROX PARC and managed the Systems Concept Lab and eventually developed Smalltalk

Such a great resource. Now I just need to find the time to browse the site.

Extend Sublime Text for WebDev

The writers at Speckyboy have compiled a list of ST3 add-ons that make it a powerful WebDev tool. I went to install of them and found I had most of them already ;-/ This is a great list to get started using ST for WebDev for sure.

Must-Have Sublime Text Extensions For Web Developers

How to Email Your Professor

[How to Email a Professor About Your Academic Studies](https://blog.sanebox.com/2017/03/22/how-to-email-a-professor-about-your-academic-studies/)From the makers of [SaneBox](https://sanebox.com/t/2zi6n), email management service. It’s a great post on when to email your professors and how. The ‘Quick Hints’ at the bottom are quite notable: - Always send email from your academic email account, not your personal one. Professors may have filters in place to prioritize email coming from other academic accounts. - Don’t ask about grades in an email– FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) rules often mean that professors aren’t able to share confidential, personal information about students (like grades) via email. - Don’t make excuses or demands—people hate that! Remember to keep your email in an even tone, polite, and courteous. - Sign off your email by thanking them for their time. - Once you have a reply from your professor, shoot them a quick email back to thank them.

Using Adobe Connect

As long as I have been teaching, I have used “Virtual Office Hours”. These hours include using software to chat with students. While the software has changed, it still is a great method to get in touch with me in real time. I now make use of Adobe Connect for the online office at http://lcc.adobeconnect/pipper-office

AdobeConnectTips (862 kb) is a PDF document on how to log in for the first time using your web browser.

Reasons to Hand Code

Been saying most of this in many different ways for many years…