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JavaScript Tutorial – How to Set Up a Front End Development Project

Let’s say you plan to build a website. Before you start, you want to set up a few tools to make your life easier. But which tools should you have?

The JavaScript ecosystem is changing so fast that it can be overwhelming to pick the best tools to use. To solve this problem, in this article I’m going to walk you through how to set up a front end project from scratch.

Web Design Trends 2019

For those who are already thinking about 2019 and what web design trends will be popular, we provide a starting analysis. Technological advancement has revolutionized the way we interact, socialize and do business and there will continue to be significant innovation and improvements in web design in 2019 and beyond. We all want our clients to get greatest and latest when it comes to their sites so it is not too soon to be thinking about 2019 trends in this area.

5 UX tips for better SEO results

**When Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist Andrey Lipattsev was asked about Google’s most important ranking factors, [he gave three](https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/03/24/google-reveals-its-three-most-important-ranking-signals/): content, links, and RankBrain.**

Great List of Podcasts for Developers

The website includes an astonishing list of design podcasts and development podcasts. I have listened to most of these and can attest to their awesomeness. I also found some new ones to add to the list. There are 55 of them to choose from, and they are broken down into major categories. It is very bookmarkable.


Google Wants to Drop HTTP

I love this article and how it explains why Google isn’t the police, they are just one of us on the internet. I get that Google is trying not to be evil here, but this really isn’t their fight. Good information here.